July 26, 2010

Types of Late Night People in the Library

  1. Sexiled Roommate

You can find this person spread out on one of the couches, trying to catch some z’s while his roommate is hopefully not catching something else. He would usually crash on someone else’s couch, but a fellow sexilee beat him to it. The only other comfortable couch in his house is the one his roommate is using, but not sleeping on.

  1. The Procrastinator

This person has his work spread out all around him, but he’s been distracted by Youtube clips and reading Cracked.com. He would’ve worked on his stuff earlier, but he refused to stop playing FIFA 2010 until he beat his friend. He’s got eight hours until the homework’s due, so he’s fine.

  1. The Loner

Everyone else worked together and finished this set in half the time that he’ll end up spending on it. Whether he just likes working by himself, or simply hates other people, you can find this person poring over his work, trying to find out why his integration is wrong, not realizing he turned one of the negative constants into a positive.

  1. Nocturnal Owl

This guy once had a normal sleep schedule. When he was in high school, he was in class by 7:30 in the morning. Now, dinner is his breakfast, and breakfast is his late supper before going to bed.  His skin is pale white, as he hasn’t seen the sun since he was dropped off by Supershuttle at the beginning of the term.

  1. The Premed

A fixture of the library, you can find this person on the third floor on every weekday night. Caution is needed when approaching him, as he is apt to take off his belt while standing in front of you. He also enjoys romantic candlelight dinners and long walks by the beach. 

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