July 28, 2010

How To Treat A College Girl Right

Sometimes, things don't work out with a girl, and guys wonder where they go wrong. They don't realize that the reason things didn't work out is because they didn't treat her right. The only way to show a girl that you’re the right guy for her is by giving her the respect and attention she deserves. Here’s a list of several things guys should be doing, and if they're not, what they should think of doing:

  1. Cook with her.

Cooperate with her in a domestic task to make something you can both enjoy. Show her that you respect her as an individual, and value her as an equal partner. When she finally realizes her boyfriend doesn’t value her the way you do, she’ll dump him for you, who’s always been there for her. It’ll feel so right.

  1. Work on homework together.

Sure, you might’ve already taken Ma1a, but that shouldn’t stop you. She wants someone she can lean on. You need to become her pillar of support. This also shows that you’re captivated by her personality.

  1. Let her do your laundry

If you’re not captivated by the purifying scent of detergent, the soft feeling of freshly laundered clothing, and the warm hum of the washing machine, you must not be a woman. Letting her do your laundry shows that you understand her desires and needs; that you don’t just think of yourself.

  1. Give her alcohol

Everyone feels sad sometime. When that happens, a girl may be looking for a drink. Be there for them. Offer them all the alcohol they want. The more they drink, the more they’ll realize how good you are for them. Let her know that you have all the liquid she needs.

  1. The Naked Man

In the comfortable atmosphere of her own room, give her a surprising gift. Not the keys to a fancy car or a diamond ring. It’s a man, sitting on her couch, completely naked. Resting self assured, with his arms open and welcoming, his confidence telling her, “I’m here, ready for you, whenever you need me.”

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