July 23, 2010

Type of Students in Class

  1. The Corrector
They may only be a freshman, and the Professor may have over twenty papers and tenure, but that doesn’t stop this student from correcting the Professor over small mistakes, even those of no significance. He feels that the fact he’s read a slightly different definition in a textbook gives him the right to argue over the definition of a concept with the Prof. In the beginning, the Prof will try to be encouraging, but in the end he’ll finally snap and tell the student, “You’re wrong. Shut up,” to loud applause from everyone else.

  1. The Laptop
While supposedly typing notes, this student is more likely to be playing flash games or be on Facebook. Yeah, he might not be in his room, but that shouldn’t prevent him from doing what he does when he’s in his room right? This guy used to bring a  pillow to class, but decided that a laptop might be more inconspicuous, and cause the Prof to think he’s working really hard at taking notes when he’s pounding the keyboard.

  1. The Sleeper
This is a very common type of student, especially in morning classes. He climbed out of his warm cozy bed in order to go to class. The moment he got to class he promptly fell asleep again. He might try to hide it from the Professor, resting his head on one hand as if he’s thinking, but it’s obvious to everyone and the Professor he’s sleeping since he’s snoring like an elephant.

  1. The Talker
Hey look, a bunch of friends are sitting next to each other! Great, now please shut up. They think they’re being discreet and soft spoken, but everyone in the entire room can hear them gossiping. Everyone glares at them, trying to mentally set them on fire. Sometimes the Talker will just be a lonely guy trying his hardest to make use of the time when he has a girl captive in her seat. In that case, everyone in the room feels too awkward to look in his direction.

  1. The No Show
This is the most common type of student. This type of student used to be one of the other types, but evolved when they realized they weren’t paying attention in class anyways. They were doing the same thing in class they were doing back in their rooms, so they figured they might as well just stay in their rooms. They think it’s a great idea until exams come around and one of the questions references an “in class discussion.”

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