April 24, 2010

Rules Prefrosh Need To Follo

After my school's Prefrosh Weekend, I realized that just like there were rules for the students, there should be rules for Prefrosh to follow as well. Based on some personal experiences some friends and I had this Prefrosh Weekend, here are ten rules that should never be broken.

  1. Don’t watch porn on my computer and forget to delete the history.
  2. Don’t use my towel to shower, and then walk back wearing nothing but my towel.
  3. Don’t watch me while I’m sleeping.
  4. Don’t climb up into the loft and stare down at me.
  5. Don’t fall asleep in my bed when I’m drunk, so when I come back from drinking…
  6. Don’t hit on a girl that already has a guy, and tell her “that’s what I’m all about.”
  7. Don’t bring your own medicine for your glaucoma and use it in my room.
  8. Don’t come back to the room in the middle of the night to borrow my “pipe.”
  9. Don’t have a total of eight people use my toothpaste in one night.
  10. Don’t beat me in a rap battle in front of half the house.

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