July 04, 2009

We Gotta Go Back!

We have to go back! Where? Back to…the kitchen!
Back to the Kitchen

Released straight to DVD, so while you’re watching it on TV lying on your couch, she can watch it along with you while she’s cooking in the kitchen.
Several sequels to this blockbuster are already being planned.
Back to the Kitchen 2: Make a Sandwich

Have you ever been hungry, but didn’t have any ready food to eat? Tell her to make you a sandwich!
Back to the Kitchen 3: Return of the Bitchslap

Is she talking back? Give her a taste of the back of your hand. It’s important to keep your pimp hand strong.
Back to the Kitchen 4: No Headaches

Is she complaining of a headache? Sore gums? She doesn’t need a doctor, she just needs more time in the kitchen. She has no problems that the kitchen can’t fix.

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